Bridal Style 101 – Seattle Bridal Style Event

I teamed up with Yessie Libby to throw this fun event where newly engaged brides could come and get expert advice on finding their bridal style. With over a decade each of combined experience in the wedding industry we have seen it all. Bad spray tans, wrong fabric choices, and painful shoes. We want to help brides have the best experience on their wedding day by helping them look and feel their best. Yessie gave mini consults and advice for hair and makeup while I gave tips on how to look your best in your wedding photos. Emily from Flora and Whim brought in some different style floral bouquets for brides to try along with a fun floral crown made from baby breath. We had designer gowns, such as Vera Wang from Nyanza, and Leanne Marshall from Lovely Bride and Rue De Seine from The Dress Theory available for brides to try on. We had so much fun hosting this event and will do it again November 2020. So if you want an invite just let us know ! Next year we will include fun grab bags with local vendor discounts inside 🙂

Seattle Bridal Style Eventseattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-002seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-007seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2000seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-031seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-004seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-030seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2002seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-010seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2003seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-032seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2006seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-033seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2007seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2001seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-006seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-005seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2004seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-011seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2008seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-008seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2005seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-009seattle-bridal-fashion-event-wedding-photographer-2009

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