Seattle Rooftop Wedding Photos on film – Phuong and Rob – Farestart

Rob and Phuong got married at Farestart Kitchen in downtown Seattle. We took them to a rooftop spot for some portraits before their wedding ceremony. They kept it small and sweet with all fo their closest friends. Was a joy to capture these two ! And I love how the film double exposure turned out :)Seattle film wedding photographer rooftopdowntown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-800downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-001downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-803downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-002downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-804downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-005downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-004downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-807downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-003downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-006downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-046downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-007downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-808downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-008downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-806downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-009downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-047downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-010downtown-seattle-wedding-rooftop-film-011

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