Seattle Studio Maternity Photos on film

Part two of Jackie’s maternity photos were done in our natural light studio in Capitol Hill. She brought so much fund stuff to play with and Simply By Tamara Nicole foraged and installed some magnolia tree branches to bring the outdoors in. I love how she brings to life the meaning of “pregnancy glow”. The BW shots are so dreamy too ! Seattle Fine Art Film Maternity Photographerseattle-maternity-photographer-film2005seattle-maternity-photographer-film005seattle-maternity-photographer-film027seattle-maternity-photographer-film2007seattle-maternity-photographer-film008seattle-maternity-photographer-film2001seattle-maternity-photographer-film006seattle-maternity-photographer-film026seattle-maternity-photographer-film009seattle-maternity-photographer-film2006seattle-maternity-photographer-film004seattle-maternity-photographer-film2000seattle-maternity-photographer-film025seattle-maternity-photographer-film003seattle-maternity-photographer-film2002seattle-maternity-photographer-film002seattle-maternity-photographer-film2003seattle-maternity-photographer-film2004seattle-maternity-photographer-film007

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