Baby Luc – Seattle Newborn Photography on film

After witnessing and capturing baby Luc’s birth at Overlake Hospital I was so excited to get to go back and visit him a couple of weeks later for his newborn session at home ! His mamma looked gorgeous thanks to Yessie Libby Hair and Makeup and all the love just makes these two new parents glow. Check out his newborn photos below 🙂 Film used: Fuji 400h and Alford Delta 3200 scanned by Photovision. Seattle Newborn Photographer Filmseattle-newborn-photographer-film-07seattle-newborn-photographer-film-13seattle-newborn-photographer-film-15seattle-newborn-photographer-film-52seattle-newborn-photographer-film-05seattle-newborn-photographer-film-08seattle-newborn-photographer-film-06seattle-newborn-photographer-film-11seattle-newborn-photographer-film-18seattle-newborn-photographer-film-10seattle-newborn-photographer-film-51seattle-newborn-photographer-film-14seattle-newborn-photographer-film-50seattle-newborn-photographer-film-09seattle-newborn-photographer-film-01seattle-newborn-photographer-film-02seattle-newborn-photographer-film-03seattle-newborn-photographer-film-04seattle-newborn-photographer-film-17seattle-newborn-photographer-film-16

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