Woodmark Hotel Wedding – Crystal & Greg

Crystal and Greg had a gorgeous modern / tropical wedding at the Woodmark Hotel and Still Spa in Kirkland , WA on July 28, 2018. It was such a wonderful day and these two are the sweetest people you will meet. I dont know how we get so lucky to have the best brides and grooms ! Hair and Makeup by Stace: Bridal Beauty Salon. Flowers by Rusted Vase Co Planning by Beaufort Events Co. Calligraphy and signage all by the bride ( Fancy Cat Studio ) Dress is from The Dress Theory and is Sarah Seven. All film is Fuji 400h and processed by Photovision Prints. Woodmark Hotel Kirkland Wedding on filmWoodmark Hotel Kirkland Wedding on filmWoodmark Hotel Kirkland Wedding on filmwoodmark-Wedding-01Woodmark Hotel Kirkland Wedding on filmwoodmark-Wedding-2004Woodmark Hotel Kirkland Wedding on filmwoodmark-Wedding-04woodmark-Wedding-05woodmark-Wedding-06woodmark-Wedding-10woodmark-Wedding-2005woodmark-Wedding-2006woodmark-Wedding-20woodmark-Wedding-21woodmark-Wedding-2009woodmark-Wedding-2007woodmark-Wedding-2008woodmark-Wedding-14woodmark-Wedding-11woodmark-Wedding-13woodmark-Wedding-2010woodmark-Wedding-23woodmark-Wedding-2011woodmark-Wedding-25woodmark-Wedding-2012woodmark-Wedding-24woodmark-Wedding-27woodmark-Wedding-28woodmark-Wedding-29woodmark-Wedding-2018woodmark-Wedding-36woodmark-Wedding-2017woodmark-Wedding-30woodmark-Wedding-2013woodmark-Wedding-32woodmark-Wedding-2014woodmark-Wedding-31woodmark-Wedding-33woodmark-Wedding-2015woodmark-Wedding-37woodmark-Wedding-2016woodmark-Wedding-2020woodmark-Wedding-2019woodmark-Wedding-45woodmark-Wedding-46woodmark-Wedding-48woodmark-Wedding-49woodmark-Wedding-39woodmark-Wedding-40woodmark-Wedding-2021woodmark-Wedding-2022woodmark-Wedding-38woodmark-Wedding-51woodmark-Wedding-50woodmark-Wedding-52woodmark-Wedding-53woodmark-Wedding-54

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