Baby Adrien’s Swedish Hospital Fresh 48 Newborn Photos

Maria & Tommy hired me to capture their babies first 48 hours of life 🙂 I went to Swedish Hospital the day after he was born (which was on Fathers day !) Baby Adrien is so adorable, and big ! I absolutely love capturing this time in a families life. Film used was Tri-x 400 and Fuji 400 developed by Photovision Prints. Seattle Birth and Newborn Photographer Swedish Hospitalseattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-25seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-203seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-27seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-26seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-200seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-23Adrien-Newborn-48Adrien-Newborn-34seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-005seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-20seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-22seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-201seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-202seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-006Adrien-Newborn-41seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-film-24seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-007seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-003seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-004seattle-birth-newborn-photographer-002


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