Cave B Inn Winery Photos – Karolina & Michael Maternity photos on film

I met Karolina and Micheal in one of my favorite desert locations in WA, Cave B Inn. We did their maternity photos during golden hour and the light did not disappoint ! Cave B winery film photographyCave-B-Winery-Photos-30Cave-B-Winery-Photos-02Cave-B-Winery-Photos-604Cave-B-Winery-Photos-31Cave-B-Winery-Photos-03Cave-B-Winery-Photos-32Cave-B-Winery-Photos-601Cave-B-Winery-Photos-08Cave-B-Winery-Photos-01Cave-B-Winery-Photos-04Cave-B-Winery-Photos-605Cave-B-Winery-Photos-05Cave-B-Winery-Photos-603Cave-B-Winery-Photos-07Cave-B-Winery-Photos-602Cave-B-Winery-Photos-33Cave-B-Winery-Photos-06

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