Bohemian One year old portraits with flower crown at Snoqualmie River

Meet River, yes thats right, her name is River and we did her one year old portraits at the river. Why not right ? She absolutely loved playing with the rocks (and trying to eat them). She has the best smile and was totally down to rock the flower crown her mom made her. So happy I got to document one of her most important milestones, turning one ! Get ready to ooh and ahh. All film is Fuji 400h.snoqualmie river baby photos on filmseattle-baby-photographer-film-001500seattle-baby-photographer-film-001004seattle-baby-photographer-film-001501seattle-baby-photographer-film-001080seattle-baby-photographer-film-001504seattle-baby-photographer-film-001002seattle-baby-photographer-film-001503seattle-baby-photographer-film-001003seattle-baby-photographer-film-001502seattle-baby-photographer-film-001006seattle-baby-photographer-film-001505seattle-baby-photographer-film-001001seattle-baby-photographer-film-001506seattle-baby-photographer-film-001081

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