Seattle Newborn Photography – Baby Landen

I captured baby Landen’s newborn photos at a natural light studio in Seattle. He was only 4 days old and pure perfection. There is no smile more genuine than the smile of a parent admiring their new baby. So much pride and joy. Check out the photos below to get some serious baby fever. All film used is Fuji 400h and developed by Photovision Prints.

Seattle Newborn Photographer filmseattle-newborn-photographer-film-2001seattle-newborn-photographer-film-002seattle-newborn-photographer-film-003seattle-newborn-photographer-film-2003seattle-newborn-photographer-film-032seattle-newborn-photographer-film-2002seattle-newborn-photographer-film-006seattle-newborn-photographer-film-031seattle-newborn-photographer-film-001seattle-newborn-photographer-film-007seattle-newborn-photographer-film-2000seattle-newborn-photographer-film-004seattle-newborn-photographer-film-2004seattle-newborn-photographer-film-033seattle-newborn-photographer-film-030


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