Fall Family photos in Kirkland WA – Stephanie & Andrew

I love capturing this sweet family. We met Andrew & Stephanie when we captured their wedding a few years ago and now two sweet babies later we still have the privilege of watching their family grow and capturing the milestones. These two brothers have grown so much ! We met them at a trail near their house and played in leaves and took photos.  All film shot on Fuji 400h and developed by Photovision Prints.

Seattle Family Photography on filmseattle-family-photographer-film-0011000seattle-family-photographer-film-001011seattle-family-photographer-film-0011001seattle-family-photographer-film-0011005seattle-family-photographer-film-001012seattle-family-photographer-film-001013seattle-family-photographer-film-0011007seattle-family-photographer-film-001016seattle-family-photographer-film-0011003seattle-family-photographer-film-001014seattle-family-photographer-film-0011006seattle-family-photographer-film-001009seattle-family-photographer-film-0011008seattle-family-photographer-film-001001seattle-family-photographer-film-0011002seattle-family-photographer-film-001015seattle-family-photographer-film-0011004seattle-family-photographer-film-001010

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