Seward Park Engagement Photos – Cate & Chris & their dog Gatsby

We met up with Cate & Chris at their home in the Seward park neighborhood of Seattle. They wanted their engagement photos to reflect their life they have built together with their chocolate lab Gatsby. They have the cutest home with the most beautiful garden out front. We walked from their house to one of their favorite coffee shops. Then we ended at Seward Park. It was very natural and easy hanging out with them and we love the moments we captured during our shoot with them. All photos are film and shot on Portra 800 on the Contax 645 or fuji 400h on the F100. Scanned and developed by Photovision Prints. seattle engagement photos film seward parkseattle-engagement-photos-film-dog027seward-park-engagement-photos001seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog033seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog038seward-park-engagement-photos008seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog025seward-park-engagement-photos004seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog020seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog029seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog028seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog037seward-park-engagement-photos009seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog035seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog036seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog030seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog032seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog031seward-park-engagement-photos007seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog021seward-park-engagement-photos005seward-park-engagement-photos002seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog034seward-park-engagement-photos003seward-park-engagement-photos006seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog026seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog039seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog041seattle-engagement-photos-film-dog040

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