Woodinville Lavender Farm Wedding Inspiration

This styled bridal shoot took place at Woodinville’s Lavender Farm. What was suppose to be a nice evening in June turned into a very dark stormy evening. Most of this was shot in the rain with dark clouds looming above. It was also all shot on film, making this even more challenging since film loves and needs light. Somehow we pulled it off and the storm clouds actually add to the richness of the colors and we even got to play with candles in the dark to get some moody shots. Don’t be afraid of bad weather, and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty and wet to get some good photos. Even on your wedding day ! If your dress gets messed up thats ok ! Because you only wear it once 🙂 I promise. You will be happier that you got great wedding photos. The beautiful flowers here are made my Gather Design, and the planning and styling was done by Simply By Tamara Nicole. The hair and makeup was by Yessie Libby Makeup Artistry. The cake is by Lilac Cake Boutique. The gowns are from La Belle Salon Bridal. Film developing and scanning by Photovision Prints. Check this shoot out in the next issue of Adorn Magazine ! Coming August 2017. woodinville lavender farm wedding inspiration on filmwoodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville lavender farm wedding film contax 645woodinville lavender farm wedding filmwoodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-023woodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-010woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-005woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-002woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-1003woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-1007woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-050woodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-1009woodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-030woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-022woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-015woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-1004woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-061woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-1001woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-060woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-1008woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-021woodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-052woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-1000woodinville-lavendar-farm-wedding-019woodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville lavender farm weddingwoodinville lavender farm wedding

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