Franklin Falls and Snoqualmie Pass Engagement Photos

Sneak Peek of this gorgeous mountain and waterfall engagement shoot we did a few weeks back. We met Chelsea & Jordan at Josh & Jamie’s wedding last year. We knew right away we wanted to shoot their wedding ! So when we got the email from Chelsea we were super excited. They are laid back and friendly and just our kind of couple. We met up at Snoqualmie Pass to hike to Franklin Falls. The falls were pounding down rapidly and the wind was intense ! We were able to still get some shots over near the fall but the spraying water was quickly soaking them so we couldn’t stay long. Luckily on the way to the shoot Joe and I got a little lost and found this gorgeous mountain view ! So we headed here next. I loved the outfits these two wore. The colors really complimented the nature around us and that green with her blonde hair is just too perfect ! Cant wait for their DeLille Cellars wedding next year ! seattle fine art film engagement photographer mountains snoqualmiefranklin falls snoqualmie engagement photosCJB-4franklin falls snoqualmie engagement photos filmfranklin falls snoqualmie engagement photosCJB008franklin falls snoqualmie engagement photosCJB-2CJB009franklin falls snoqualmie engagement photosCJB021snoqualmie mountain engagement photos fuji 400h filmsnoqualmie mountain engagement photosChelsea-Jordan-Engagement-Finals109-2CJB014snoqualmie mountain engagement photossnoqualmie mountain engagement photosCJB012

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